Driver. Navigator. Timepiece. Road worthy vehicle. Public roads. Road Rally does not require special equipment — there are no helmets, drivers suits or special racing harness requirements. The family minivan, the work truck, sportscars, sport utility vehicles, and the family sedans have all been seen out on road rally events in Alaska.

In the 70' 'n 80's, here in Alaska it was said, "It is like going to Grandma's house, yet only the Rallymaster knows where she lives!"

In the 90's, it was "rallying is like orienteering for cars"!

Teams of Driver and Navigator (and as many backseat drivers as legally can be in the car) head out in intervals with their route instructions in hand. By following the route (which may or not be written in the routes due to forced turns) teams will come across Checkpoints where they earn the points for that leg. Yet, when they depart out on the next leg – no matter if they were early or late - they start with a fresh out time in search of the next Checkpoint.

Or maybe it is a Games Touring Adventure (GTA) Rally, which puts a whole new spin on the sport of rallying? We've held Jeopardy, fill in the blanks, sign hunts, regularity runs, stick rallies, shortest distance, and photo rallies in the mix of GTA events.

Some people question "you do this on public roads"? A moving violation disqualifies you from that days event – road rally events are not races and speeding is frowned upon! Our Region currently times vehicles into checkpoints taking down the hour, minute and second the cars cross their checkpoint sign. Team scores are one penalty point for every minute you arrive early or late to a checkpoint, with the goal of zero to win. 

Teams are made up of families - fathers 'n sons or daughters, buddies, girlfriends and often teams formed the day of the event! Entry fees are $15-20 per person for most events. We choose to use for our Region registrations, and we often set a minimum registration date — so when you know you are running a rally, sign up and let the Rallymaster know you appreciate their efforts and are ready to take on the challenge of their course!

In 2016, we have the following known dates, with more coming as Rallymasters and dates are secured!

July 6th, Wednesday Evening, Bear Paw Festival

August 6th, Saturday Evening, Show 'n Shine pre-Show Eve

Come Join Us!