Indianapolis Runoffs Photos Available

If you were on track during the 2017 SCCA® National Championship Runoffs® at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, then the IMS Photo Dept. probably has a photo of you.  The pictures are organized by day and session and can be viewed at


IMS Photo had a total of 10 photographers on site over the course of the week.  The team shot every session starting on Monday at 8 a.m. and uploaded over 25,000 images during the seven-day period. The team focused on four main angles to capture race action that also showcased iconic imagery in the background.  Thus, the IMS photographers captured close, wheel-to-wheel action while also providing a memorable keepsake for competitors.  There are also victory podium pictures for each race.


The IMS online photo store allows individuals to purchase these images.  Paper prints start as cheap as $2.99 for a 4”x6” print.  Prints can be made as large as 30”x40” and can be mounted on a variety of canvas, thin wraps, metal, and other materials.  Keepsakes are also available and the IMS product line includes items like stickers, post cards, custom puzzles, mouse pads, coffee mugs, magnets, playing cards and more.


Again, IMS photos can be reviewed and purchases at